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How Much Do Shipping Containers Cost?

There are many reasons for the growing use of containers. For some, they are simply a means of shipping cargo around the world. Others use them as storage for items. And for others they are used to house remote laboratories, store temperature-sensitive produce, build pop-up shops and bars or safely conduct ground-breaking experiments with hazardous materials.

With so many varied applications and uses, it’s natural that people’s needs will vary. As a result, the range of units available for purchase and hire can vary significantly in size and condition. Fortunately, this means that you can find what is best suited to your needs, without having to spend money unnecessarily on features that you don’t need.

Shipping Container price range

Four things tend to dictate the price:

  • The condition

Whether you buy or hire a container that is ‘new’ or second-hand makes a difference in the price. A ‘new’ one will have carried out a single journey (with cargo) from the country it is originally manufactured in, to either you directly or via a vendor in your country who will then deliver this to you. These will be in near perfect condition and are therefore suitable for use. These are referred to as one-trip or single-trip.

Second-hand will have been used a number of times for transporting cargo around the world. Although second-hand, it will still be made from durable COR-TEN steel and be A1 grade, meaning that it is both wind and watertight. If you are looking at second-hand or used, it is best to discuss your needs with an expert so that you can ensure you purchase or hire the most suitable and most cost-effective unit for your needs.

  • The Size

There are a range of different sized transport containers available and the size that you choose will have an impact on the price. The range includes, 10ft (up to 16m³), 10ft high cube (giving an extra 2m³), 20ft (up to 32m³), 20ft high cube (giving an extra 5m³), 40ft (up to 66m³), 40ft high cube (giving an extra 9m³).

There are also refrigerated containers available for hire.

  • Any customization which has been carried out

If you are considering customising, there are some aspects of it that can be done before it is delivered. Computer-Aided Design – or CAD – can be used to design and create your customised unit when necessary, and among the almost limitless additional services on offer include the painting, the addition of energy capabilities, equipment and plumbing capabilities.

They can be equipped with everything that you need for biomass housing, switchgear enclosure, blast retardant store of hazardous materials, café, teaching space, exhibition stand, restaurant, shop – or anywhere else that your imagination can take you.

  • Any delivery needs

Another factor that must be considered in the pricing is what is required for delivery. The location of the delivery is important and so are factors like accessibility and if any specialist equipment is needed for it to be successfully delivered and installed in the area.

Ultimately, there are a number of contributing factors to the price of the hire or sale, and this is why it is impossible to give fixed prices. If you are interested in buying or hiring, you’ll receive a detailed quote from a vendor, which considers all of these factors to give the best price available.

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