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Ways To Ensure Social Distancing

Despite restrictions lifting following the covid-19 pandemic, social distancing will still play an important part of keeping everyone safe. Understandably, businesses will be looking for ways to create space for social distancing in the ‘new normal’, and our units can be the perfect solution for creating space that allows social distancing with clever container CAD capabilities.

Why Use Storage Units To Aid In Social Distancing?

From being converted into self-contained office spaces, to being used for storage to free up additional space in the workplace, there are many ways they can be used to help social distancing.

In contrast to permanent structures (which can be expensive and take significant time to build), shipping containers offer a much more cost-effective way of implementing social distancing procedures. Also, the steel frame is robust and offers shelter from the weather, meaning a lower cost doesn’t come at the expense of reliability.

Additionally, they are also highly portable. This is a great feature for businesses as they can be moved to different locations depending on where a social distanced site needs to be created. Because of this, it is not uncommon for businesses to hire units to meet their needs, then have them removed from their site when no longer needed.

Establishing Social Distancing Practices

Given the endless conversion potential, units can be used for many Covid related applications.

Pop-up Collection Points

With brick and mortar retail continuing to adapt to restrictions, Click and collect services have boomed since the lockdown. Naturally, the collection itself can pose safety problems as customers may come into close contact with staff whilst getting their goods. One way to prevent this is to create a purpose-built collection point.

A storage box makes a great collection point. It’s easily transported, so can be placed wherever is most convenient for collection. Containers can be painted to match the branding of your business so customers can easily identify where to go for collection orders. It can also be modified to include a serving hatch for customers to collect their shopping. Plus, offer an outdoor but sheltered place for staff to wait for customers to arrive.

Outdoor Shelters On Worksites

Since the covid-19 outbreak, construction worksites have become much more aware of staff needing to social distance on site. Crossing paths on outdoor worksites is sometimes unavoidable but a shelter can help reduce the risk and frequency with which workers come into contact with each other.

Creating sheltered areas provides a designated place for workers to rest on a break without coming into contact with others. They can also be modified to include insulation, electrics, and washroom facilities so you can offer additional breakout rooms for staff. Similarly, modular buildings offer a purpose-built alternative to the above, offering a turnkey solution for on-site W/C and accommodation facilities.

Temporary Pharmaceutical Dispensary

A pharmacy is one of the places that is most at risk from contamination. A converted unit offers a safe place outside of the pharmacy for customers to collect prescriptions whilst minimising any contact they have with others.

Also able to include partitions, sectioning off areas where patients can stand and be served by the pharmacist while still social distancing. The unit can also be lined with melamine for easy sanitation and dedicated storage for medical supplies can be added inside using custom-built shelving and racking.

Managed Security Huts

Designed to transport cargo across the world, a freight unit is naturally a strong structure. This makes them well suited for use as security huts. They can also be converted into a walk-through entrance for security to check temperatures as people enter the site.

Conversion into a security hut is easily achieved. Security boxes can be painted in a range of colours, are watertight and can be modified with personnel doors, high security shutters and windows. Electrics can also be installed for any security cameras or computers that need to operate inside the unit.

Does Your Business Need These Measures?

It’s safe to say that in the UK the goalposts have been moved around a lot in regards to when restrictions can be lifted. As the restrictions are in place to keep people safe, it is impossible to put a set date on when they will be fully removed as we are constantly learning new things about the virus.

With this in mind, it makes sense for businesses to look at a longer term investment for social distancing measures. Businesses and workplaces that do have these social distancing measures will be in a much better position to adapt to a frequently shifting ‘new normal’, as well as giving much needed peace of mind to staff and customers about their safety.

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