2021 Container Prices Update

Wondering why the cost of containers has increased in 2021? We`ve answered your burning questions below.

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Covid-19 Container FAQs

Why is there no stock / such a delay in stock?

The answer to this is twofold.  First, the factories have been working to one third of their previous capacity due to the pandemic, which means we are only getting 33% of the stock we typically expect. Also, due to distribution not being as rapid as it once was, leasing companies are reluctant to sell their stock, which has had a knock on effect for the used market.

Why are containers so expensive now / why do prices keep increasing?

As a direct result of a decrease in production, the cost of manufacture has increased sharply in order for the factories to continue trading.

What is the lead time?

While we are still getting stock, it is taking longer than usual to come through to us. Also, the availability of stock depends on the type of unit.  You can rest assured that we will be honest with you if we are running low or if there is a waiting time. That way you can inform your customers and plan your timescales accordingly.

I can see you build bars and gyms, can you give me a ball park figure?

Our conversions team handle a large variety of conversion work, a lot of which is completely bespoke and very technically detailed.  As customer requirements are different, it is very hard to give a ‘ball park’ figure.  As a result, we normally ask you for as much detail as possible (such as sketches/architects drawings, planning permission and budget) before quoting, as a lot of time is allocated to each quotation request.

Do you have any containers in stock / what do you have in stock?

We have depots nationwide and stock holding at each will vary and change rapidly.  What is in the depot today might not be there tomorrow, so we would urge you to place an order sooner rather than later if you have an urgent requirement.

Shall I wait for prices to come down?

For the orders we have placed in advance, the costs to us have increased, which means we will need to increase our prices accordingly.  Currently, there is no market evidence to suggest prices are set to come down.

How old are the used containers?

Used options could be 20 years old or so.  They will have knocks, dents, scrapes, patch repairs and rust patches and will look like used units.  If aesthetic appearance is important to you, we would suggest taking a single trip unit or purchasing a refurbished container, which offers the best of both worlds.

What do they look like?

You can find some examples on our used containers page. Imagine the difference between a new car in a showroom and one 15-20 years old on average.  While aesthetically these will be poles apart, they serve the same purpose.  The same could be said of a container! Though the used containers are wind and watertight, they will not look pretty.  If aesthetic appearance is important, we would suggest going for a single trip or fully refurbished option.

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